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Mission: The Learning Experience School promotes a safe and peaceful environment that encourages individualized academic, social, and emotional growth for all children and adults with developmental disabilities. We provide our students with the necessary tools to go beyond the classroom and become active members of the community.

Vision: In an atmosphere of trust and dedication, The Learning Experience School seeks the active learning of all students. Understanding the individualized needs of students, excellent programs are provided both inside and outside the classroom, dedicated to ensuring student learning success. Parents and teachers are partners in the educational process of the students. Learning and enrichment are provided in a state-of-the-art facility.

A belief that all children with developmental disabilities have the potential for learning and all of our adults with developmental disabilities can step out into the community and be as independent as possible–this is not just what we believe here at TLE, this is what we strive to achieve!

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"Seeing the Learning Experience School is an incredible life experience. They have my full support and friendship."

—Commissioner Francis Suarez

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Parent Day

Wednesday May 6, 2015 – Parents Day Breakfast at 8:30am

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